About Us

BioAesthetics was founded in 2015 as a Tulane University spin-out with the mission to improve reconstruction options for breast cancer patients after they undergo mastectomies. The BioAesthetics’ initial product is a tissue-engineered nipple-areolar complex (NAC). This product will be provided to plastic and reconstructive surgeons as an off-the-shelf ready, acellular, NAC graft. During the breast reconstruction phase, after a mastectomy, the surgeon would engraft the NAC graft in position onto the patient’s reconstructed breast. The patient’s body would then use this NAC graft as a building frame to regenerate their own NAC. This patent-pending product is currently in the pre-clinical phase.



Nicholas Pashos

Nicholas Pashos is the founder of Bioaesthetics and co-inventor of its core technology, and has been working on acellular nipple-areolar complex GRAFTS since 2013 as his PhD thesis topic. He first began developing implantable, biocompatible medical devices in early 2007, when he worked on a spinal cord injury repair device with directed neurite growth, then worked on a bioengineered whole lung transplantation alternative and bioengineered muscle. Additionally, he has years of experience in reliability/test engineering at a corporate leader in government defense. He understands the importance of logistics, security, and reliability of products and services that he plans to translate to medical devices. Mr. Pashos earned his BS in biomedical engineering from Drexel University and is currently a PhD candidate in Bioinnovation and an NSF Integrated Graduate Education Research Trainee (IGERT) Fellow at Tulane University.